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Michael and I have often talked about this blog and what we want to do with it. The truth is I would be doing most of the blogging and I don’t know what focus I want to give it. I have a personal blog that I haven’t updated in months, and exercise nutrition blog that my sister and I were working on when she suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and derailed both our efforts, a cooking blog, and another one that I wanted to use for gospel discussion from time to time. I find blogs useful, fun, but I want a really good focus to make it have a use that can be a benefit to others. So I have been delaying implementing this site because of that. I don’t do many pictures, but I do have lots of thoughts and ideas on a daily basis, but how much of that is worth another person’s time to read. So we shall see how this goes. What I do know, is that I want to avoid negativity, complaining, but focus on uplifting, positive and joyful news. My gospel oriented blog has a title of “…We Seek After These Things”, I will probably continue that here, my search of those things that are lovely and of good report worthy of time and space.