I spent July through December coloring pictures for Christmas presents.  Talk about busy.  Generally I averaged about 1 a month, sometimes two.  I couldn’t believe I got what I did done.  Here are the pictures I did and what I used to color each of them.  I will probably add in other pictures I have done as well, since I am so far behind in posting what I have done.  I really do enjoy this hobby.  I have trouble seeing to cross stitch anymore and this gives me an outlet to use color and create without the stress of learning to draw.

I have watched several tutorials online.  My favorite by far is Peta Hewitt.  She is fabulous in explaining how to use pencils to color in adult coloring books.

I adore Wood Ducks.  This is the first picture I can say that I tried some realistic coloring, trying to capture the essence of the male wood duck. The female really was not a female wood duck so I didn’t do that with her.  I tried new techniques for the water and the mountains.  i tried to start to focus on shading but I still had lots to learn about highlights.  I used both polychromos and prismacolor premier pencils on this picture.  I also added a bit of a pen called Wink of Stella to give a bit a shimmer to the feathers since a wood duck has some iridescent glow to its plumage.


This picture is from the Color Me Your Way book 5.  I had to get it for the Manderin Duck.  The relative of the wood duck it is considered the most colorful bird in the world.  Again I tried to get as close to the natural bird as possible.  I looked up reference photo’s on line, and also a description of the bird on sites that detail the information so I could get coloring correct.  I am very happy with how this picture turned out.  Still losts to learn but I think my skills are improving.


My husband wanted a picture for his office.  This is the one he chose for me to do.  It was a challenge and I again used reference photo’s since he wanted a more realistic version that a fantasy coloring.  I was really happy with how the antlers worked and using the flesh colored pencils out of the polychromos line really taught me how they work and can be used. This is also out of book 5.  I think I will be getting another of this book because I really enjoy the pictures and the framing in it.


This is the Otter out of book 3.  It has a touch of fantasy color with realistic color.  I really worked hard to get shadows on the rock and give it some depth.  It was a fun picture to do.

Rooster of Plenty

This one I did For my Dad for Christmas.  He loved a chicken called Cluck-Cluck and he loves to garden.  Pull up the picture and hunt for all the different hidden pictures in it.  I had a great deal of fun to make this look realistic and remain true to the hidden fun.  The background was done with pan pastels.


Flower Garden

This picture I did for my mother.  She loves her flowers and butterflies.  I really worked with layering colors in this and to use shadows and concentrated on light source.  I also worked to make the butterflied all different and stand out form the flowers.  I worked on it during the Summer Olympics.

Deer FamilyThis one I did for my Father-in-law.  I couldn’t really get information from my in-laws on their favorite animals.  So Michael picked this one out for me.  I tried to make each member of the deer family slightly different so they would stand out.  It was challenging in spots to make sure I got the right parts defined.


Eagle Eye

This one I did for my Mother-in-law.  I choose it for her love of scouting and her sons that all participated in the scout program.  I wish I had used warm greys for the the head and not the cool greys I chose.  I tried to fix it a bit but I didn’t to loose the look of white.  not my favorite that I have done but I think there are some very nice parts to it.  I am particularly fond of the eye.

Lovey Dovey

This one I did for my daughter and my son-in-law.  It was fun to do, and I managed to get it done in a couple of weeks.

Cats Color Me books by PJC Smart

This one I did for my oldest sister.  She wanted cats.  One of my least favorite animals.  Still when I flipped through the books and the different cat choices this one stood out to me.  I had fun trying to do the cats well, get shading and shadows right.  He favorite color is blue so I knew the bowl would have to be blue.  I really like how the grapes turned out, how the windows looked.  I also used wink of stella on it to make the window panes shimmer.


This one I did for my niece.  I was running out of time for Christmas so I did a smaller picture that I could carry around with me and I could work at it when I visited my sister, and at my girls piano lessons.  I knew I wanted to use a blue background since her favorite color is also blue.  I had fun trying to make the leaves different.  I used a silver gel pen for the gilded look.

Seahorsing around

Again I ran out of time so my brother-in-law got this one I had done earlier in the year.  I did a bunch of research on some of the elements, and enjoyed trying to gradiate the colors of the water and light source in the jelly fish.  I also used wink of stella on this one in a couple of spots.

A bunch of color

This one I did earlier, the flowers made me think of my bright, animated youngest daughter.  I picked 5 colors for the flowers and just randomly colored flowers.  So much fun, and looks like it in person.

Two lovely ladies

This picture was a test of some pencils I purchased off of Amazon from Australia called Micador Colourrush pencils.  They are Peta Hewitt’s favorite budget pencils and I could see why.  on this paper they blend and layer very nicely.  I really enjoyed using them and for pictures that I won’t hang up or frame I will use more often.  Both of these are from Flower Fashion Fantasies, artist Ming Ju Sun.



More from Flower Fashion Fantasies

Pencils are either crayola, or Marco Raffine.





This one was one or the first where I really played with layering colors to get something different.







The 2nd picture (the one on the right)  reminded me of ornamental Kale.  The other two I just tried different things.  Very early coloring for the other two.