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Michael and I went out on Valentine’s Day, of course we would, we love each other and have no problem going out on the day.  We went to Michael’s (The craft store), and he bought me a pen set, that I decided is more useful for card or scrapbooks than actual coloring. (They are opaque so cover up the lines and it looks sloppy, I am sure a true artist could make it look better).  He also bought me a couple of books, one Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta, which I adore, and a Michael’s exclusive with butterfly pictures which are lovely but I have little inspiration at this point with it.  I also purchased a 36 count of Faber Castel Polychromos pencils, which have become my favorite brand to use.  So much so that I have gradually increased my set to a complete 120.  I love these artist grade oil pencils.  They go on so smooth and blend and layer like a dream.  I rarely have any smearing with them, and they come to a fabulous point.  The only draw back is that you can’t put a light color on top of a dark and see it.  If that is what you are looking for in your art, you need to put a prismacolor white on top to see the white.  Otherwise, these pencils top Prisma color premier pencils by far.  I still use both, most often layering prisma color on top, but more often I use polychromos alone.


Here are a couple of pictures from Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom that I colored in March.


Seal done in blues, purples and greens.  This is the picture in which I fell in love with the polychromos pencils.  I could layer and work to get the colors I wanted so easily.


My Bunny inspired by  Easter.  I liked it better before I filled in the spaces.  I was going to do a background but never did, just lost the interest after I “ruined” it by not keeping the spaces white.  I just didn’t like the color I used.  That is how I learn though.